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Searching for jewelry manufacturing company who can create your brand? Gem Heights is the perfect to start with.We have been working for brands from many decades. Elegance & Purity in jewelry means Jewelry from Gem Heights. Our Jewelry is handcrafted at so called world jewelry Hub”Jaipur”.


Team Gem Heights would love to create Bespoke jewelry & always take care of every minute detail to achieve the required quality products for our clients.

  • Gold jewelry Manufacturing
  • Sterling Silver jewelry Manufacturing
  • Fashion jewelry Manufacturing
  • Gemstone sourcing
  • Stone Setting


Team Gem Heights always maintain the secrecy of our client’s designs.

  • In the beginning, we would like to get our client’s jewelry designs.
  • A quotation will be sent to the respective email and contact number soon.
  • Afterward, sampling will proceed which will be shipped to the respective client.
  • Confirmation will be taken from the client to proceed with the order.
  • Shipping will be done within the provided time period.

Founder's Message

At Gem Heights, our belief is that we want to work in partnership with our clients and suppliers. There is room for everybody in this world: manufacturers, distributors, retailers & wholesalers. we promise to achieve the best quality and craftsmanship for your Jewelry Stores. Team Gem Heights is working from generation to generation to create a winning situation across the globe.

Think of your clothes as a canvas and your jewelry choices as colors that add detail and tell the story.

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